9 Reasons why cloves are the best healthcare sneakers

1. They're made for healthcare

From liquid-repellent and stain-resistant Clarino™ fabric to odor-fighting, machine washable insoles from Ortholite™, Cloves keep your feet protected and fresh.

2. Customers love us

Lisa I.

"This shoe is a cross between a sneaker and a clog. It provides more support than a sneaker and isn’t as clunky as a clog. It’s been about 2 weeks and these are the best work shoes I’ve had."

Megan Y.
"I work on a busy Med-Surg unit and absolutely love these shoes! I used to get lower back pain by the end of my shift, but haven't had any since I made the switch!"

Tracy G.

"I work 12 hour shifts on a busy neuro, epilepsy, ent pcu. I have replaced my clogs with clove! They didn't need to be broken in and are comfy. No issues with my feet hurting n feel like I'm walking on a cloud all day! Will buy more."

3. And the press does too

"The Footwear Start-up On A Mission To Improve The Lives Of Healthcare Professionals"

Fast Company:
"What's different about Clove is that it's designing shoes from scratch to meet nurses' needs."

4. Slip on in seconds

Save precious time. Designed to slip on and off, because we know in your line of work, you need to move quickly, and sometimes at a moment's notice.

5. Easy to clean

We’re not scared of a little fluid. Or a lot. Our fluid-repellant uppers (and laces!) wipe down fast.

6. Multi-layer support

 Our thick cushioned foam midsole and custom molded insoles provide plush cushioning and ample support for long days (and nights).

7. Grippy outsoles

Move with confidence. Our rubber outsoles are designed to give you firm footing, especially in sticky situations.

8. A team that cares

Inspired by real nurse, had a problem, spending too much on the wrong shoes, enter Clove.

9. And walks the walk

Clove has donated over $50,000 of healthcare sneakers and compression socks to hospitals all across the USA.