Healthcare Worker Highlight: Stride with Pride!

Real people, real passions. Our community is filled with healthcare professionals who are dedicated to supporting others and engaging in their endeavors outside of the hospital. Let’s introduce some highlighted members of the healthcare community making big impacts.





Ayana Cole-Price, MD, MSC is a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Resident at The University of Michigan.

As an advocate for diversity in medicine and the founder of the grassroots non-profit organization Empower My Hood Inc. (EMH), Ayana and her team equip students with tools for college access and success in under-resourced communities. Her dedication to mentorship, equity, and uplifting others motivates her every step, every day.





Daniel, R.N. integrates his love for nursing, music, and dancing all together on his platform. 

The challenges of being a critical care nurse can be overwhelming — which is why Daniel uses dance as an outlet to express himself during the difficult times! He shows the bright, fun sides to the everyday nursing experiences by promoting humorous content that’s always filled with movement. Visit his page for his unbeatable dance moves and advocacy for nursing education.





Motivated by women’s health, Miloni is a 3rd year medical student spearheading research projects on initiatives across Southeast Michigan to address women in leadership, mentoring opportunities, and more. 

Apart from improving gender equity in residency and fellowship programs, Miloni has been learning Indian classical dance and participated in BLOOM, a social justice performance. On her platform, she encourages an honest look into her medical journey — check out her page for relatable and uplifting content.

 The Clove Collective is filled with healthcare professionals who are committed to uplifting their communities. When you're rocking any of our Clove shoes for healthcare workers, stride with pride!