Our founder, Joe, was at his wife Tamara’s side throughout her nursing journey as he saw how taxing (both physically and mentally) medicine could be. Starting out of love for a real healthcare professional, he collaborated with designers to create a sneaker that truly does it all, just like the healthcare community. That’s why Clove has a bar above the C, the medical shorthand for with, to mean “with love!” 

With three sneaker styles and endless color options, each sole features cushioned comfort that supports 12+ hours of standing and walking, easy-to-clean exterior for messy shifts, and extra grip to stay unafraid of fluids.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to join your affiliate program?
No, our partnership is completely free. 
How will I know if someone made a purchase through my affiliate link?
Once you join the program, you’ll receive access to your own Impact account where you can keep track of your performance, earnings, and commissions. 
How is my commission calculated and paid?
If someone shops a Clove product through your affiliate link within 30 days, you’ll earn commission on their entire purchase. Impact, an affiliate network, calculates your commissions and pays them out on a monthly basis.
What are the qualifications to become an affiliate?
We’d love to partner with those who align with our motivations as a brand—we began to take care of those who spend their lives taking care of others. As we continue to support healthcare professionals and more, Clove strives to empower an inclusive, diverse, and intentional community with the most comfortable and stylish sneakers.