10 Jobs That Commonly Exceed 10,000 Steps Per Day

Smartwatches, fitness trackers, and pedometers have risen in sophistication and popularity in recent years – giving us access to data regarding our personal activity metrics like never before. This information has made way for countless new fitness trends, a prominent one being walking 10,000 steps per day.

While for some, achieving this daily step count requires major adjustments to their routine – others commonly exceed this benchmark during their workday. Let’s look at 10 professions that commonly achieve the 10,000 step count during work hours, and see why Clove are the ideal shoes for walking a long period of time at work

Shoes for Walking All Day

10 Jobs With High Daily Step Counts

Let’s dive into this selection, in no particular order, of professions that commonly accrue high step counts while on the clock. 

1. Hospital Staff 

Hospital employees spend a great deal of time on their feet throughout the day, as they tend to work in larger facilities while caring for multiple patients with differing needs. For this reason, hospital workers often surpass the 10,000 step count (roughly 5 miles) during their 12-hour shifts and can even rack up as many as 60,000 steps per week!  

2. Warehouse Workers

The physical demands of a Picker in a warehouse setting are high, but carry out a crucial role in the functionality of e-commerce businesses. Picker’s main tasks are to locate merchandise within the warehouse to fulfill customer orders. Depending on the size of the facility, Pickers can walk up to 12 miles per shift, or roughly 22,000 steps! 

3. Restaurant Workers

The step count within the food industry can vary greatly depending on the size, scale, and popularity of the restaurant. Large-scale restaurants with a faster guest turnover rate can have servers clocking in step counts of up to 23,000! Restaurants tend to be smaller spaces, and therefore have their staff walking in repetitive patterns as opposed to long distances like some other professions. 

4. Retail Workers

Similar to restaurant workers, retail workers’ step counts can vary depending on the size and popularity of the store. However, there is rarely a moment for retail workers to sit down during their shifts. Retail workers’ step counts can exceed 10,000 steps per day depending on shift length, and often occur within smaller spaces requiring repetitive movement patterns throughout the store. 

5. Stay-At-Home Parents

Stay-at-home parenting is certainly a full-time job that will have you on your feet for much of the day. While steps can vary depending on the itinerary, the physicality of this role is not to be underestimated! Looking after children will certainly have your step count, heart rate, and exercise levels up!

6. Teachers

Teachers’ days can alternate between sitting, standing, and walking quite frequently. Depending on the school size, schedule, and class type, teachers can log up to 12,000 steps per day! Teachers spend a great deal of time on their feet in front of a classroom. Even though they’re not always walking the longest distances, pacing in front of a classroom is constant movement that can certainly rack up your step count!

7. Tradesperson

Electricians, plumbers, contractors, and other maintenance workers often spend their days solving problem after problem. This type of work certainly demands a ton of on-your-feet attention and movement. Depending on the situation at hand, the job site, and the job type, maintenance workers can log up to 11,000 steps per day!

8. Delivery Services

Delivery workers spend a great deal of time on their feet, and their step counts show it! Depending on the route, delivery workers can average up to eight miles (15,000 steps) per day. The total step count can vary greatly depending upon if the route is in an urban, suburban, or rural environment.

9. Hairdresser

Though hairdressers tend to walk in place, they do rack up a high step count of over 10,000 steps per shift! This goes to show, that you don’t necessarily need long distances to get your steps in. Rather, you can liken your steps to that of being on a treadmill where you are increasing circulation and movement, but are staying in the same place!

10. Custodians

Lastly, custodial staff spend a great deal of time on their feet throughout the day. Depending upon the size of the facility they are in charge of, custodians can average up to 12,000 steps during an eight-hour workday!


Clove All Black Option Shoes for Walking at Work

Shoes for Jobs That Require A Lot of Walking

It’s a fantastic opportunity to be able to engage in healthy exercise while on the clock, especially when it is low-impact like walking or standing. This type of exercise has been shown to increase longevity, and slow the aging process. 

While counting steps can have positive effects on weight, cardiovascular health, endurance, and more– it is important to note that overexertion can also lead to fatigue. The bottom line is that if you work a physically demanding job with a high step count, you should consider the health and comfort of your feet as a top priority! So, which shoes are best for walking all day at work?

Clove shoes were created with functionality, style, and comfort at the heart of their design. Made with love, these shoes are built to survive the harshest 12-hour shifts while maintaining a sleek, professional, fashion-forward profile. Clove is the ultimate constant movement, on-your-feet-all-day shoe. 

We know you’re working hard, long shifts– which is why you need a shoe that works just as hard for you. 

For workers whose position requires an understated subtlety, we love the All Black Option from the Core Collection. The black-on-black design will hide any imperfections from back and forth maneuvers during the busiest of shifts. The shoe material is a breeze to clean, and completely spill-proof. The outer soles are grippy and supportive, boasting a stylish comfort that is like no other.

Clove Grey Matter Shoes for Walking at Work


Looking to stand out, but keep it professional? We love the Grey Matter Clove Shoe, which has the right balance of professionalism and personal flair. Balancing a playful color scheme with a minimalistic silhouette, these shoes will have you standing out on the job for all the right reasons. Dress our men’s grey and women’s grey sneakers up with a pair of khakis or keep it casual with a pair of athletic shorts or jeans.  

Regardless of profession, Cloves are the perfect shoes for jobs that require a lot of walking all day. Keep your feet happy and pick up a pair today!