Healthcare Worker Highlight: Meet the Trailblazers Keeping Us On Our Toes

Tiffany, NBNA's featured nurse


In honor of our annual partnership with the National Black Nurses Association (NBNA) – we are featuring trailblazers in nursing who are paving the way for the next generation.

Meet Tiffany, Clove's featured Nurse
Meet Tiffany

How has the NBNA supported your role in healthcare?
‘As a Nurse Educator Consultant, the NBNA partners with me to highlight the trailblazers in nursing, promoting unconventional conversations in the nursing field with the goal to show that nurses can be leaders regardless of roles and titles.‘
How does the NBNA’s mission to reduce inequities in healthcare inspire you?
‘The NBNA provides a forum for collective action by African-Americans to reduce inequities for people of color–as a Black woman in healthcare, I understand firsthand the importance of representation. My seat at the proverbial table means I speak and advocate for many as I challenge outdated nursing norms. I am reminded to use my gifts and position to do my part in closing the gap in healthcare inequities.’
Tiffany holding her pregnant belly.

What does the future of nursing look like?
‘It looks like a workforce of emotionally intelligent nurses who take into account the psychological aspects of what it takes to be a nurse, how to lead and advocate, and to prioritize self-care, personal agency, and integrity.’
Tiffany and her daughter smiling
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