The Clove Collective: Community Impact

When Joe Ammon decided to start Clove, he was inspired to design footwear for healthcare workers that had all of the valuable components of a sneaker combined with the unique demands of working in a healthcare environment. But Clove's mission went beyond just making great shoes. The other element of the Clove brand was establishing a culture of care, with a profound commitment to giving back to the healthcare community. Clove has embodied this commitment through the establishment of The Clove Collective, which has made way for many partnerships with nonprofit healthcare organizations. These have helped to expand the community impact of Clove and allowed it to become one of the top footwear companies that give back to the community of devoted healthcare workers.

Let’s talk more about what The Clove Collective is, and some of the incredible nonprofit healthcare organizations that Clove has had the opportunity to work with as a result.

The Clove Collective

The Clove Collective:Empowering Change

Introducing the Clove Collective, an innovative program that aims to make a real difference in the lives of healthcare professionals. The Clove Collective ensures Clove's community initiatives are effective, impactful, and aligned with the diverse needs of those who help us. This collective brings together healthcare professionals from various backgrounds, leveraging their perspectives, experiences, and individual voices to drive meaningful change within the healthcare community.

But what does a shoe have to do with it, you ask? Well, just like how the right pair of shoes can empower and support us, the Clove Collective believes in leveraging partnerships with organizations that aim to give back to healthcare professionals.

Each member of The Clove Collective has a community discount code. When their code is used to receive discounts and perks from Clove, the Clove Collective member makes a commission. Clove then matches that commission in the form of a donation to a nonprofit healthcare organization . This initiative has allowed Clove to impactfully contribute to organizations that directly affect, support, and sponsor members of the healthcare community – ensuring that Clove’s commitment to being an ethical shoe brand is upheld and that communities in greatest need of support get the resources they require. Clove, as a shoe brand, goes beyond just providing stylish footwear, we are a shoe company that prioritizes help those who help us.

Let’s now highlight some of the top nonprofit healthcare organizations that Clove has had the opportunity to partner with since the inception of The Clove Collective program.

National Black Nurses Association Founders


National Black Nurses Association

The NBNA mission is “to serve as the voice for Black nurses and diverse populations ensuring equal access to professional development, promoting educational opportunities and improving health.” This incredible nonprofit healthcare organization is built upon a collaborative community health model, helping to improve the health of African Americans through the “provision of culturally competent health care services in community-based health programs”, spearheaded by Dr. Lina Burnes Bolton and Dr. C. Alicia Georges– NBNA past presidents. Clove is proud to partner with the National Black Nurses Association through The Clove Collective program, in an effort to help sponsor nursing students and continue to promote educational opportunities and professional development amongst aspiring Black nurses.

American Heart Association Logo

American Heart Association

The Clove Collective partners with the American Heart Association to benefit cardiovascular health equity, promote healthy habits and lifestyles, and inspire others to live a heart-healthy life. The AHA is committed to creating a world free of heart disease and stroke, by providing resources to help the general public make active choices that can help reduce their risks of heart and brain related diseases. This profoundly impactful organization is the nation’s oldest and largest voluntary organization dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke. They offer countless resources to both members of the healthcare community, as well as the general public when it comes to preventative measures to reduce the risk of heart diseases and strokes. The Clove Collective is proud to support the efforts of the American Heart Association, and encourages Clove community members to visit their site for more information and resources.
Philadelphia FIGHT Nonprofit Healthcare Organization

Philadelphia FIGHT

As a Philadelphia-based company, Clove has a special bond with Philadelphia FIGHT Community Health Centers, who are committed to providing culturally competent comprehensive primary care and state of the art HIV primary care to low-income members of the community. On top of this, they dedicate their resources to research, consumer education, advocacy, social services, and outreach to people living with HIV or those who are at high risk of transmitting HIV.

Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation Logo


Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation

The Clove Collective is proud to partner with the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation and support their breast cancer research and education. This foundation is one of the nation’s leading breast cancer research and education charities, passionately funding research and education to prevent breast cancer and improve outcomes for individuals with breast cancer. They have raised over $40 Million dollars for breast cancer research and education since their inception, utilizing these funds to assist young researchers and scholars in developing innovative solutions and treatment methods for breast cancer. This organization also hosts the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium yearly, often referred to as the most valuable breast cancer meeting worldwide for practicing clinicians.

Asian Mental Health Project Logo


Asian Mental Health Project

The Asian Mental Health Project’s mission is to educate and empower Asian communities in seeking the mental health care that they need. The Clove Collective proudly supports the initiatives of this project, which aims to destigmatize mental healthcare within the Asian community. In order to dispel this stigma, the Asian Mental Health Project is working to raise awareness within the Asian community about the importance of mental health services and providing valuable resources that will allow this care to be more accessible.

The Clove Collective is Clove’s way of continuing to empower our community of healthcare professionals and ensure that the support efforts we make are most effective. By utilizing these partnerships, we are able to ensure that the solutions and initiatives our members support are able to reach their fullest potential.

At Clove, our mission is crystal clear: we are here to take care of those who take care of others. When you shop the Clove collection,you not only treat yourself to quality footwear but also contribute to our ongoing commitment to bettering the healthcare community. With each purchase, you become a part of our collective effort to make a positive difference in the lives of healthcare professionals.

Join us in our journey to support and empower those who dedicate their lives to caring for others. Explore the Clove collection today and be a part of our mission to enhance the healthcare community through our collective strength and unwavering dedication.