How to Clean Your Clove Shoes

We know the pure joy that accompanies the fresh-out-of-the-box feeling when you break open a brand new pair of Clove shoes. But how do you keep up those oh-so-fresh feelings when you’re trekking through your not-so-clean 12-hour shifts? To ensure peak performance and ease of wear, we designed Clove shoes with cleanliness in mind. All materials used in the Clove production process contribute to their ease of cleaning. Whether it’s a shoe from the original Clove Classic Collection or the new SuperCush Collection – you’ll find your Clove cleaning process as easy as 1-2-3.

Let’s run through some of the unique materials used in these collections, how to clean your sneakers, and best practices for keeping your Clove easy to clean shoes in optimal condition.

How To Clean Your Clove Shoes

The Clove Classic Shoe Collection

The Clove Classic Collection is where comfort, durability, and easy-to-clean style converge– perfect for all professionals who don’t have time to sweat the small stuff. Highlighted in this collection is the Clarino™ vegan fabric material, containing the same microstructure as genuine leather. This material was selected for its liquid-repellent and stain-resistant properties, built to last through the most trying of shifts. 

We know how important it is that the sneakers on your feet provide comfort over long periods of time, and can also resist the wear and tear often caused by work. That’s why we hand-select materials we trust will provide you with the durability needed, and the ease of cleaning required for fast-paced shifts. Let’s dive into best practices for cleaning your Clove Shoes to keep them performing as well as you do.

Classic: How to Clean Clove Shoes When On The Go

  • Wet a paper towel or grab yourself a wet wipe, then wipe any loose dirt or stains on your Clove shoes from heel to toe. The Clove Shoe Collection isn’t afraid of a little fluid, so the majority of liquid spills, dirt, or messes should easily clean off the Clarino™ vegan fabric material. Easy enough for you to dive right back into patient care!

Classic: How to Deep Clean Your Clove Sneakers at Home

  • Remove the Ortholite Insert and toss it in your washing machine on the next cold water cycle to keep your insides as fresh as your outside. Be sure to plan for time to fully dry before reinserting. 
  • Because the Clarino™ vegan fabric material is liquid-repellant, it can handle a soapy hand wash well. Mix warm water and a delicate liquid hand soap detergent together to form a solution.
  • Work the solution into the shoe using the brush or towel you have on hand, making sure to hit all crevices and pull up any liquids, tough stains, or dirt that may have settled on the surface. 
  • After rinsing, let your shoes air dry for one hour, or until completely dry. 
  • Your shoes are ready to dive back into the action!

Meet SuperCush: More Cushion, Support, and Stability Than Ever Before

The SuperCush Collection

The SuperCush Collection, Clove's first maximalist shoe, revolutionizes comfort with a midsole design that amplifies cushioning, support, and stability beyond the conventional. This collection draws inspiration from the bold aesthetics and supreme comfort of maximalist running shoes. Yet, it’s meticulously tailored for the unique demands of healthcare professionals and anyone enduring long hours standing or walking on their feet. 

The culmination of 18 months of dedicated development has led to the launch of two new styles within this collection: Alto and Forte. These additions represent a fusion of Clove’s SuperCush™ comfort system with maximum stability for walking and standing, alongside the essential feature of easy cleanability. The result is a line of modern footwear that maintains the core essence of Clove – offering more cushion and enhanced features specifically designed for the rigorous and fast-paced environments of on-your-feet careers. This ensures that professionals can enjoy unparalleled comfort on their day or night shifts without compromising on the practicality and aesthetic appeal of their footwear.

It’s crucial that all Clove shoes are easy to maintain and clean, especially with little time when on the go. That’s why, despite the introduction of SuperCush’s neoprene and faux suede materials, you’ll find nearly the same cleaning recommendations and ease of maintenance for all Clove shoes. We keep cleaning your Clove shoes simple, so you can focus on what matters most.

SuperCush: How to Clean Sneakers When On the Go:

  • Clove shoes are designed to withstand exposure to fluids and bounce back from messy encounters with ease. With a simple wipe-down using a damp towel or wet wipe – you’ll have your Clove shoes fresh in no time, so you can get back to the action. 

SuperCush: How to Deep Clean Sneakers at Home 

  • Remove the Ortholite Insert and toss it in your next cold water machine cycle to keep your insoles as fresh as your outside. Be sure to plan for time to fully dry before reinserting. 
  • The Clarino microfiber upper material of the SuperCush Collection will benefit from an initial dry clean, using any soft brush you may have at home. (An old toothbrush works well here!)
  • Additionally, filling your shoes with crumpled newspaper (or another paper) while you clean them will help the shoe maintain its original shape. 
  • Using your brush, carefully but firmly brush all of the external surfaces and crevices of the shoe. Freeing any debris or dirt that may be present.
  • Next, create a soapy mixture of warm water and any hand soap detergent you may have.
  • Using a towel or brush, scrub the soapy mixture throughout the external surface of the shoe, working away any scuff marks or settled grime that may have accumulated.
  • Air dry your shoes and inserts for one hour, or until completely dry. 
  • You’re all set to get back into the action!

    Clove Shoes are designed with those who stand and walk all day in mind. That’s why in all collections of Clove Shoes you’ll find easy-to-clean materials. From the Clove Classic Collection featuring Clarino™ vegan fabric material to the SuperCush Collection with the same key carryover features. For a complete rundown of Clove Shoe materials heel to toe, visit our Materials Blog. All Clove shoes are easy-to-clean, delightfully lightweight, and extra-durable– ready to join you on all of your shifts, providing you comfort so you can focus on the task at hand. Never miss a new colorway drop or relaunch as a Clove Insider and order a pair of easy-to-clean shoes today!