What are Shoes Made Out Of?

Ever wonder what shoes are really made out of? Every shoe brand uses different materials and different means to construct their own product. Here are some things you may not have noticed about your Clove shoes that make them so amazing.

What Material are Shoes Made Of?

We designed Cloves specifically with Healthcare professionals in mind. We know how important it is for you to have comfortable footwear to get you through your 12+ hour shifts.

Cloves have multi-layer support with thick EVA foam midsoles that provide comfort and stability, and custom molded insoles that provide extra cushioning for long days. The shoes are made from liquid-repellent and stain-resistant Clarino™ fabric, which makes them easy to wipe down with any available hospital wipe. This functionality makes them ideal as nursing shoes. Our black shoes for men, in particular,  are perfect for professionals who need reliable footwear or have specific uniform requirements.

Brilliant white nursing shoes

What is Clarino Fabric?

Clarino™ is an advanced fabric that has the same microstructure as genuine leather, but is vegan. Clarino™ is liquid-repellant, stain-resistant, abrasion resistant, and easy to clean.

Are Clove Shoes Vegan?

Clove sells vegan shoes, from their fabric to their glue, are animal-product free.

What are Shoe Soles Made Of?

Most shoes have soles that are made from polyurethane or PVC material. Our shoe design has a full rubber sole for extra grip from toe to heel, as well as channels that allow liquid (and other things!) to flow away from each step.

The rubber is a special formulation that is tackier and stickier than most rubber shoes. As such, Clove shoes are designed to be grippier than the average shoe, in recognition of the working environment of medical professionals which makes them the perfect choice as nursing shoes for women and nursing shoes for men.

Clove Night Shift Shoe Soles

Why are Insoles So Important?

Our insoles are provided by Ortholite,™ and are machine washable to keep your feet fresh! Many customers actually prefer our insoles over their custom-made orthotics. Our goal is to keep you on your feet while feeling good and doing the same for your patients.

Clove Apple Jade Insole

Let's Take a Closer Look...


A bungee style lacing system makes Cloves easy to slip on and off quickly, and extra grippy outsoles mean that you can step confidently, even when the job gets messy. Our hydrophobic laces can be wiped as well, for full sterilization.

Brilliant white nursing shoes

Rolled Edges/Seams

Clove shoes are built with rolled seams between each section of the shoe. This thoughtful detail means that, from materials to construction, Clove shoes are designed to keep the hazards of healthcare out of your shoes.

Sock Design

In addition to our liquid-repellant upper, we decided to incorporate a liquid-resistant neoprene ankle sock into the design of Clove shoes. The neoprene keeps your shoe snug and secure around your foot, and also keeps unfortunate spills securely outside your shoes!

Clove Juniper Berry Sock Design


With our removable insoles, we recommend that you periodically remove and machine wash cold to keep your sneakers extra fresh.