Sustainable Footwear: Cruelty-Free Shoes and Ethical Partnerships

When shoes are crafted with care, sourced ethically, use reliable materials, and are built to last– the shoe's wearer and the environment benefit. 

Around the world, we are unified by our need for protective footwear, regardless of location, profession, climate, or terrain. This universal need for footwear has unfortunately made for a lot of footwear in landfills, and shoes that use animal byproducts like leather have negative impacts on the environment. 

Clove is a shoe brand committed to creating sustainable footwear with material that is better for you, our communities, animals, and the environment.  

Clove Sustainable Footwear

What Categorizes Clove Shoes as Sustainable Footwear?

Vegan Shoes Made from Cruelty-Free, Low Impact Materials

What makes a shoe vegan? Creating cruelty-free shoes starts from the source. Whether shoe production is derived from plants or synthetic materials – avoiding the use of animal products like leather, suede, or wool – is critical to its impact on the environment and overall ethicality.  

At Clove, we create our durable, non-slip, stylish, sustainable shoes without the use of any animal products. We believe in the importance of creating completely vegan shoes that our customers can wear proudly. Clove is proud to offer a range of vegan fashion options, like our men's black shoes, that are crafted with cruelty-free materials. With a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, we want to ensure that you enjoy stylish footwear without compromising your values.

That’s why we use materials like Clarino Fabric as the main building material of the Clove sneaker exterior. This advanced fabric replicates the microstructure of genuine leather while ditching the unnecessary use of any animals in the process of its creation. 

This material is liquid repellant, stain-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and a breeze to clean. That way, Clove wearers reap all the benefits of durable shoes, without any animal intervention.  So just to sum things up – Clove shoes, from soles to glue, are 100% vegan and cruelty-free shoes

For a complete breakdown of every inch of your Clove sneaker’s make-up, visit our Shoe Materials blog that runs through every material in Clove Sneakers from tip to heel.

Ethical, Crueltry-Free Shoes with Sustainable Partnerships

Our partnerships at Clove are aligned with our mission to do good - for our customers, our communities, and the world. At Clove we’ve partnered with a nonprofit called Soles4Souls whose mission is to turn discarded shoes into opportunities, by collecting shoes that would otherwise end up in landfills and giving them new life.  

They are committed to recirculating discarded footwear back into communities that need it most, helping to provide resources, jobs, and opportunities to underserved communities across the US and the world. Notable donation sites that Soles4Souls supplies to are women’s shelters, veteran’s organizations, and children’s programs. Soles4Souls helps Clove’s  sustainable footwear practices that serve the greater good, on a global scale. 

 The impact this type of initiative has is monumental, saving footwear from wasting away in landfills and allowing their life to extend. This not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions and waste production but also provides invaluable support and opportunities for struggling populations who lack access to certain basic necessities for a healthy life.

For more information on how you can get involved with the Soles4Souls initiative, visit their website here.

Clove Cruelty Free Sustainable Footwear

Sustainable Footwear for a Better Tomorrow

Clove is proud to prioritize ethicality, sustainability, and community within all of our production practices. From sourcing cruelty-free materials to partnering with non-profit organizations, positively impacting the environment and bettering the world for a brighter future are the foundations of the Clove brand mission. Shop the Clove Collection to explore vegan footwear styles, and join us in our efforts to better our planet and our community.