Meet Team Clove!

Get the insider scoop with our Clove Employee Q&A, where we take a moment to highlight some of the people who bring Clove shoes to life. From product design, to customer support– it takes a team to create the best shoes for healthcare workers. In this Q&A we’ll introduce you to some of our exceptional staff members, and dig into their Clove story, what role they play in the Clove process, which Clove shoe is their current favorite, & more!


Meet Team Clove - Clove Employee FAQ

Introducing: Esther, Customer Insights Senior Associate at Clove

Introduce yourself! What’s your name and title at Clove?

  • I’m Esther - I’m the Customer Insights Senior Associate at Clove.

What’s your day-to-day like as a member of Team Clove?

  • Working in customer insights at Clove involves a little bit of everything. My primary job is to connect with and understand the preferences and habits of our customers. On an average day, you can find me interviewing customers one-on-one about new products in the pipeline, conducting focus groups at our office in Philadelphia, and dreaming up brand new ways to surprise and delight Clove customers.

Meet Team Clove

Clove’s mission is centered around the care of the healthcare community, has the healthcare community impacted your life?

  • Healthcare is a huge part of my family’s history, which is part of what drew me to Clove. My dad is an oncologist, my sister-in-law is a midwife, and 3 of my cousins are in medical school — the list goes on and on!
    I’ve seen firsthand how demanding yet rewarding a life in healthcare can be, so I love being able to support a product that makes the lives of healthcare professionals just a bit easier. Plus, my dad says all of the nurses think he’s really cool when they see him wearing Cloves!

Bolds or Neutrals Collection – Which of the two more suits your style?

Most asked question as a Clove employee?

  • People always ask me how Clove makes shoes that are so easy to clean. The secret is Clarino, a vegan fabric that has the same microstructure as leather. From bodily fluids to a rainy day walk, I always assure people that Clove shoes can hold up to anything.

Lime Lilac Healthcare Shoes

What’s your current favorite Clove sneaker?

Favorite part of your role on Team Clove?

  • My favorite part of being on Team Clove is getting the chance to meet our customers in-person. Whether it’s through a Nurses Week pop-up event, Clove n’ Coffee meetings one-on-one in Philadelphia, or spotting a pair of Cloves in the wild, I love hearing how Clove shoes have positively impacted the lives of real-life healthcare pros.

Clove Underscrub

Exciting upcoming launches or projects you’re working on?

  • We just launched our very first piece of apparel, the Clove Underscrub! We developed this underscrub with plenty of input from real Clove customers, and it’s exciting to see it keeping people cool, comfortable, and protected in hospitals across the country. There are plenty of new, innovative products coming down the pipeline — sign up to be a Clove Insider so you never miss a launch!