With Love, From Philadelphia

Philadelphia-Based Company: Clove

We love letting our customers, community members, and friends know how much we love our hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Being a Philadelphia-based company is so important to the identity of the Clove sneaker brand. Clove shoes were born out of a love for a real, working healthcare professional– and it’s now our mission to carry that love and support throughout our hometown of Philadelphia, and the rest of the worldwide healthcare community.

Clove’s history with the state of Pennsylvania runs deep! Clove founder Joe Ammon came up with the idea for Clove while attending graduate school in Philadelphia. In the early years of Clove, original prototypes were tested in Philadelphia hospitals. Not to mention, all Clove products are photographed in Philadelphia, in collaboration with Philadelphia-based artists and creative teams.
Philadelphia Based Company

The Philadelphia Healthcare Community: A Culture of Care

Any given year working in the healthcare industry has its distinct challenges, but the COVID-19 Pandemic certainly added layers of difficulty and strain on an already taxing profession. Clove is committed to creating a culture of care, both within our company and the Philadelphia healthcare community at large.

We believe that’s what is so distinctive about being a Philadelphia based company – the love that is shown to support our fellow Philadelphians. Especially those who keep our healthcare system operating. Want to learn more about Clove’s commitment to community? Check out our blog on The Clove Collective, where we run through some inspiring community partnerships in the healthcare industry.
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Clove n’ Coffee Program

Clove’s customer insights team takes full advantage of the vast healthcare community in Philadelphia by holding weekly Clove n’ Coffee meetings. The program is exactly what it sounds like —Philadelphia-based customers can sign up for an in-person coffee meeting with a Clove team member to discuss all things Clove over a bit of caffeine. Curious about booking a Clove n’ Coffee meeting yourself? Head to our Clove n’ Coffee calendar to book or learn more.

Philadelphia-Based Partnerships

Philadelphia Fight Clove Philadelphia Based Partnerships


It’s extremely important for Clove to partner with other Philadelphia-based organizations, like Philadelphia FIGHT, who are committed to bettering the lives of community members in Philadelphia. Being a Philadelphia-based company, Clove has a special bond with Philadelphia FIGHT Community Health Centers.

These Philadelphia-based community healthcare spaces are committed to providing culturally competent and comprehensive primary care and state of the art HIV primary care to low-income members of the Philadelphia community. On top of this, they dedicate their resources to research, consumer education, advocacy, social services, and outreach to people living with HIV or those who are at high risk of transmitting HIV within the Philadelphia community.

Clove’s love for Philadelphia and its incredible healthcare community is strong. We take great pride in being a Philadelphia-based company.

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