Celebrating Clove’s 3rd Birthday

From your favorite sneaker to the most liked ‘gram, it’s time to step onto the memory lane.

Let’s kick things off with a breakdown of your favorite pairs of Clove’s, from new releases to trusty classics. We know it’s hard to pick favorites, but these were the clear standouts this year, racking up some serious love in 2022. 

Over 2022, your favorite pairs were:

brilliant white nursing shoes

Electron Rose Nursing Sneaker

Hot Pink Solo

Aeros Aurora

Tie Dye Compression Socks

Standout Stats from this Past Year

  • Our healthcare community worked 57 million shifts in Clove shoes
  • We launched 52 sneakers– from new collections to restocks.
  • We donated 34,298 pairs of shoes to provide resources to impoverished communities.
  • Our team consumed 8,760 cups of caffeine to pump every step!

2022 was the year of the FIRSTS:

Introducing Solo + Aeros

  • For the first time Clove launched two new sneaker styles: Solo & Aeros.

Aeros SOLO

First Apparel

Collab Time

Clara 1

The Compression Crew



On Instagram:

Your Most Liked:

The ultimate sneaker collab: Clara 1



Your Most Commented:

Our first ombré outsole: Lunar and Sunset Fade



On TikTok:

Your Most Liked:

How You Met Clove


@goclove And this how I met Clove, wbu? #goclove #cloveshoes #nursinghumor #nursingshoes #medstudent #medicalschool #dentalschool #dentalstudent #nursingschool #nursinghacks #nursehacks #vetstudent ♬ original sound - cvmgvzzler


Your Most Commented:

The 2022’s Launch


@goclove Secure The 2022 - The 2021 sold out in 2 hours - LINK IN BIO 🥂✨ #goclove #2022 #newyear #nye #fyp #viral #newyears #2022goals #healthcareworker #fy ♬ original sound - toohot4scotty

We counted our DMs, inbox inquiries, and snail mail. Your most requested sneaker was:

The Holographic Trio – Your birthday wishes came true!

Holo Trio

THANK YOU for a year of choosing our shoes as you start each shift, letting u know what you love (and what you want to see), and being the reason why team Clove steps up every day. It’s an honor to support you as you support them – CHEERS to three years. 


Team Clove