Clove’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Healthcare Workers

Many of us have healthcare workers in our lives that we’re looking to show appreciation to this holiday season. Showing your love to hardworking healthcare workers can feel challenging, since we all want to nail the perfect gift. Clove’s collection of healthcare sneakers, healthcare apparel, compression socks, and accessories are the perfect gift ideas for healthcare workers, and an incredible way to gift #withlove this holiday season. Let’s run through some of our favorite healthcare gifts from the Clove collection– from trusted classics to our newest additions.


Clove Featherlite Underscrub

The Clove Featherlite™ Underscrub in Heather Navy

The Clove Featherlite™ Underscrub

Searching for some healthcare apparel to bring your giftee some added comfort during their demanding shifts? Meet the softest underscrub, ever. Designed with seamless, super soft fabric, the Clove Featherlite™ Underscrub is certain to gift your healthcare worker easy movement and breathability,  keeping them cool and comfortable all shift long. Plus, the tulip-shaped hem stays tucked and sleeves stay put for peak performance—because healthcare workers are deserving of the best support, all year round. The Clove Featherlite™ Underscrub is a fantastic gift idea for healthcare workers, specifically as gifts for new nurses or gifts for med school students who are about to put in some serious hours honing their skills. The gift of added comfort will have them thanking you all shift/semester long. 


Clove Sneakers for Healthcare Workers

Clove Sneakers for Healthcare Workers

Clove’s collection of sneakers for healthcare workers offers a little something for everyone this holiday season. Maybe  you're looking to give a new nurse something to covet on their first day, or a seasoned doctor some easy-to-clean comfort, or a med school student a stylish boost of confidence their first semester. From bold designs that pop with color and style to subtle neutral colorways that blend seamlessly with their scrub collection. Here’s some of our fan favorites from our collection that will make for the perfect gifts for healthcare workers this season. 

  • Clove LX - Black
  • An essential gift for the healthcare worker in your life in need of a sneaker that combines stylish luxury with ethically created comfort.

  • Clove Classic - Brilliant White
  • The ultimate gift for new nurses, or gift for med students this year. Whether they're hitting their rounds or hitting the books, these all white healthcare sneakers are the perfect gift for healthcare workers.


  • Clove Solo - Hot Pink, Periwinkle
  • With Solo, your healthcare worker giftee will never have to think about laces again. They’ll jumpstart each shift with Solo’s single band style, which slips on seamlessly and increases agility. An essential gift idea for healthcare workers who are in need of a little extra boost this year.


  • Aeros - Dusk to Dawn: Desert Sunrise
  • A familiar material with a new standout design, inspired by the hues of the desert sunrise. An amazingly stylish gift idea for healthcare workers. All-day comfort meets a beautiful and bold colored design.


    Clove Accessories

    Searching for small gifts for healthcare workers this holiday season? Stocking stuffers that are suitable for healthcare workers can be hard to find. Thankfully–Clove’s collection of healthcare accessories will be the perfect small gifts for the healthcare workers in your life. Some of our favorite healthcare accessories include:

     This limited edition, purple fanny pack is the perfect size and style for the healthcare workers that are always on-the-go.

    Stainless steel with a blunt tip blade, our trauma shears are the perfect stocking stuffer essential for healthcare workers.

    Featuring a built-in sweatband with ties in the back and buttons to keep masks in place, the Clove Scrub Cap is the ultimate small gift for healthcare workers.

    Compression Socks

    Talk about comfort! Healthcare workers know the benefits compression socks can have over the duration of a long shift on your feet. Clove’s compression socks keep blood flowing, while looking stylish to boot. Clove’s compression socks feature 20-30 mmHG of compression and soft, cushioned bottoms to support every step. Thus, making them the perfect small gift for healthcare workers they’ll be benefiting from year round. 

    However you decide to surprise your healthcare working friends, family members, or colleagues, don’t forget to do it with purpose. The Clove collection offers gift ideas for healthcare workers, helping you pick the perfect item for that special someone.