Just Dropped: All About Cloveys™ Sneaker Charms

Say hello to your Clove sneakers newest best friend. At Clove, we love to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of the healthcare community. Cloveys™ Sneaker Charms are the perfect way to take your personalization of your healthcare fit to the next level. We’ve got a Clovey™ for everyone – no matter your obsession or style, there’s a Clovey™ Sneaker Charm for you. So what’s the hype all about? In this blog, we’ll run through all you need to know about the latest release from Clove Sneakers: Cloveys™ Sneaker Charms. 


Cloveys Sneaker Charms


Commonly Asked Questions About Cloveys™ Sneaker Charms

  • Which Clove Sneakers Can I Put Cloveys™ On?
  • We’re so glad you asked! Cloveys™ are designed specifically for all of Clove’s collections of sneakers - Aeros, Solo, LX, and Classic. So any of our Clove Sneaker styles have a spot to add your Cloveys™ Sneakers Charms.

  • Are Cloveys™ Sneaker Charms As Easy to Wash as Clove Sneakers?
  • Absolutely! Everything from Clove is designed specifically for healthcare workers. We know that you’ll need to wipe down your sneaks mid-shift, so we’ve designed Cloveys™ to be super easy to take on and off. Plus, they’re  made from easy-to-clean materials, so no spill will hold you back from rocking your favorite footwear accessory. 

  • How do I put on my Cloveys™ Sneaker Charms?
  • Instructions for application of your  Cloveys™ Sneaker Charms are as easy as one-two-three! (Literally 😉) 

    1. Slide the Clovey™’s bottom buckle onto the sneaker’s center ribbon.
    2. Holding the Clovey™ in place, weave the Clovey™’s top buckle onto the ribbon to fasten the charm into place.
    3. Move the Clovey™ up or down and secure it on your sneaker.

    Need some visuals? We’ve got you covered. Check out these videos below for added Cloveys™ Sneaker Charm instructions.


    Shop our newest addition to the Clove Accessory Collection: Cloveys™ Sneaker Charms! Take your sneaker personalization to the next level with a set of sneaker charms for accessorizing your Clove sneakers. Cloveys™ are designed to fit securely on every Clove sneaker. Customize your pairs with accessories that express your unique style– from caffeine to cat charms, there’s a Clovey™ for everyone!