Elevate Your Healthcare Fit with Cloveys™ Sneaker Charms

Introducing the latest new arrival to Clove's lineup: Cloveys™ Sneaker Charms! At Clove, we love to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of the healthcare community. Cloveys™ Sneaker Charms are the perfect way to take your personalization of your healthcare fit to the next level. We’ve got a Clovey™ for everyone – no matter your obsession or style, there’s a Clovey™ Sneaker Charm for you. So what’s the hype all about? In this blog, we’ll run through all you need to know about the latest new arrival from Clove Sneakers: Cloveys™ Sneaker Charms.


Cloveys Sneaker Charms


Commonly Asked Questions About Cloveys™ Sneaker Charms

  • Which Clove Sneakers Can I Put Cloveys™ On?
  • We’re so glad you asked! Cloveys™ are designed specifically for all of Clove’s collections of sneakers - Aeros, Solo, LX, and Classic. So any of our Clove Sneaker styles have a spot to add your Cloveys™ Sneakers Charms.

  • Are Cloveys™ Sneaker Charms As Easy to Wash as Clove Sneakers?
  • Absolutely! Everything from Clove is made with healthcare workers in mind. We know that you’ll need to wipe down your sneakers mid-shift, so we’ve designed Cloveys™ to be super easy to take on and off. Plus, they’re made from easy-to-clean materials, so no spill will hold you back from rocking your favorite footwear accessory.

  • How do I put on my Cloveys™ Sneaker Charms?
  • Instructions for application of your Cloveys™ Sneaker Charms are as easy as one-two-three! (Literally 😉)

    1. Slide the Clovey™’s bottom buckle onto the sneaker’s center ribbon.
    2. Holding the Clovey™ in place, weave the Clovey™’s top buckle onto the ribbon to fasten the charm into place.
    3. Move the Clovey™ up or down and secure it on your sneaker.

    Need some visuals? We’ve got you covered. Check out these videos below for step-by-step guidance on adding your Cloveys™ Sneaker Charms.


    Ready to Take Your Sneaker Game to the Next Level?

    Shop our latest new arrival to the Clove Accessory Collection : Cloveys™ Sneaker Charms! Pair them with our stylish women's black shoes, the perfect base for taking your sneaker personalization to the next level. Designed to fit securely on all Clove sneakers, Cloveys™ lets you customize your look to match your unique style, from caffeine to cat charms. There's a Clovey™ for everyone!

    Dont miss out on this exciting new arrival. Experience the charm of Cloveys™ today by placing your order and adding a touch of custom style to your favorite pair of Clove sneakers.