The Clove Courier: Healthcare Worker Highlight!

Our #ClubClove community is filled with healthcare professionals who are dedicated to supporting others, and are supported by Clove. As real people with real passions, the Clove Courier Volume V is here to showcase those who take steps beyond their shifts to engage with their talents and endeavors in exemplary ways. Take a step beyond the hospital with your Clove sneakers — it’s time to get the scoop!


Shilpa, MD 

Shilpa is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Microsurgeon, and recently an Endometrial Cancer survivor who uses her platform to connect and motivate her community. 

As Shilpa began to open up to the public about her battle with cancer, she found immense encouragement and empathy from fellow survivors and fighters. As a response, her platform seeks to help those who are scared, overwhelmed, or even lost after their diagnosis by shedding light on the appreciation she has for a second chance at life. With a career in medicine, Shilpa describes that you often don’t take a minute for yourself by dedicating your life to your patients. After battling cancer, things came into perspective and showed her the need to experience life beyond the work routine — follow her page to connect with Shilpa’s life renewed!


Nick, Podiatric Medical Student

With a passion for sports and medicine, Nick’s journey as a Podiatric student began as he grew his heart for those who may suffer from the same foot pathologies that he had in the past. 

During the peak of the pandemic, Nick advocated for his brother’s movement, #HatedInAHoodie as he witnessed incidents of police brutality and couldn’t help but to imagine himself in the same situations. Also, Nick began to promote #BeAVessel to encourage others to embody God-given gifts and talents. When Nick steps outside of the hospital, he loves to rap with lyrics of encouragement that uplift his community, play basketball, and cook. Check out his page as he dedicates his platform to become a pillar of hope, love, and inspiration!


Temoria, MS 

As a first year medical student, Temoria incorporates her many passions in her pursuit towards a career in medicine.

Temoria uses her voice in advocacy as she comes from a background of knowing the disparities in healthcare. Her platform shines a light on the Muslim community and women in medicine as she encourages them to follow their dreams and break down barriers; Temoria’s page also features insight on being a med student, her coffee (shop) obsession, and fashion inspiration! Check out her page for more.