Perfect Pairs: Clove Shoes & Sock Styles

Our exceptionally comfortable collection of footwear for healthcare professionals goes beyond our sneaker collection. There’s nothing quite like the incredibly comfortable combination of breathable, durable, extra-cushioned Clove socks and shoes– especially when the socks and shoes match, like some of the examples on this list. 

Clove shoes and socks come in a variety of styles and shades. So, whether you’re looking to make a bold impression below the knee, or looking for a more subtle style – there’s a Clove shoe & sock pairing for you. In this blog, we’ll run through some of our favorite mash-ups from each of our collections, giving you the style-inspo you need to walk with confidence in your next shift. Let’s dive in!

White Out Duo

Brilliant White x Clove’s White Ankle Socks

A classic and simple combination of styles, but sometimes that’s just what the doctor ordered. White on white is a crisp, clean, and classic look for combining Clove ankle socks and shoes. In this pairing, we team up two of our all-white staples, Clove’s Brilliant White Sneaker and White Ankle Socks to create this white-out duo. A professional pairing that’s perfect for the healthcare minimalist. 

Keepin’ it Camo

Aeros Lilac Camo x Pink Camo Compression Socks

We’re so excited to debut our Aeros Camo Collection, featuring new hues, neon accents, and colorful camo patterns! Pair these lilac camo shoes with a pair of our pink compression socks for the ultimate support in your next shift. These compression socks are stylishly patterned, and certain to keep blood-flowing during those long shifts on your feet. Not to mention, the Aeros collection upgrades your steps with our cloud-like design.

The Lemon Drop Duo

Solo Neon Yellow  x Pink Lemonade Compression Socks

As refreshing as a cool glass of lemonade, this refreshing duo says ‘goodbye’ to all things minimalistic. Vibrant pops of color are featured in both our Solo Neon Yellow  & Pink Lemonade Compression Socks – plus maximum comfort to match.

The Luxury Duo

LX Black x Grey Ankle Socks

Luxurious style, on and off the clock. This duo is where subtlety and luxury meet, to form the perfect pairing for those looking to add a little extra something to their workday fit. Or, sport this mashup on your coffee run, shopping spree, or friends-hang for comfort and style that fit every occasion. This duo of the LX Black & Grey Ankle Socks pairs perfectly with scrubs, but also a pair of blue denim jeans, or leggings. Wear this duo for guaranteed all-day luxurious comfort.

The Midnight Match Up

Onyx Flash x Midnight Ripple Compression Socks

For the late night crew, this midnight match up of Onyx Flash & Midnight Ripple Compression Socks are sure to fit the bill. Perfect for commuting during those dark hours, these pops of color will keep you hi-vis on your commute. Plus, the dark vibes of this shoe add extra protection from scuffs and spills. A win-win in our books. We love the midnight matchup for those looking for simplicity, with a pop of bold reflective color, when you need it most.

The Easy Breezy Duo

Mauve Solo  x Pink Compression Socks

Who’s got the time for laces these days? We’re all smiles when we slip into this easy breezy duo of the Mauve Solo  & Pink Compression Socks. Talk about comfort– this is bliss from your knees down. These smiley faced compression socks will offer the boost of cheer you’ll need mid-shift when the coffee starts to wear out. Plus, the simple design of the Mauve Solo sneaker makes slipping in and out of these shoes a pleasure. Nothing can go wrong when you’re sporting this comfortable, colorful pair. 

No matter your style, there’s a sneaker & sock combination at Clove  with your name on it. Mix and match your favorites to create a look all your own, or use this blog as inspo for your next shift-fit. Experience cloud-like comfort, plus the perfect duo of socks and shoes. At Clove, we support you, being you.