Clove's Top Picks for Healthcare Discounts

Working in the healthcare field is taxing in many different ways. As stressful as it can be, it does have some benefits. Aside from helping people and saving lives, there are numerous discounts for healthcare workers available for almost anything.

From shoes, to bags, to even massage guns, there are a wide range of products and services with special offers for our essential workers! It would be shocking to find a healthcare worker who didn’t know about these perks. We understand that these discounts may be overwhelming, so that's why we're here to help! Clove has handpicked some of the best healthcare worker discounts that you should definitely take advantage of.

Dagne Dover


  • What is it: Percussive therapy for deep tissue muscle treatment
  • More Info: A quiet, lightweight, handheld device that utilizes percussive therapy to get deep into muscles while relieving soreness & speeding up recovery.
  • Clove Recommendation: Theragun Mini
  • Why We Love it: Small & compact - perfect to bring to work to relieve sore muscles during a long shift.
  • Discount: 20% Off Select Items for Military & First Responders

Home Chef

  • What is it: Customized meal kits delivered fresh every week
  • More Info: Offering options that cater to a range of dietary preferences, you can customize your weekly meals that are pre-portioned and prepped; all you need to do is cook!
  • Clove Recommendation: Japanese BBQ Burger & Garlic Parmesan Crusted Filet Mignon
  • Why We Love it: Dinner is sometimes the hardest meal to cook after working a long shift. Order 3 dinners a week and you can relax knowing that when you come home from work, all you have to do is follow the instructions to have a healthy and delicious meal in no time.
  • Discount: 50% Off First Box & 10% Off Ongoing Boxes

Rosetta Stone



Calm App

Keeper Security

  • What is it: An app that securely stores your usernames, passwords, logins, and other sensitive information from cyberthreats.
  • More Info: Easily and conveniently access all of your usernames and passwords while simultaneously protecting yourself against data breaches and cybersecurity threats.
  • Why We Love it: No need to worry about remembering dozens of logins; just remember one and access everything else while staying secure.
  • Discount: 30% Off a 1-Year Plan for Military, Healthcare Workers, & First Responders