New Year's Resolutions for 2022

We’ve all bought into the phrase “New year, new me.” It’s great to start off any new year with positivity and the intention for change. However, we don’t want to bite off more than we can chew. When choosing your 2022 New Year’s Resolution, make sure it is attainable so you don’t get disappointed.

What is a New Year's Resolution?

Although January 1st is really just another day, some people take it as a way to start fresh with a new mindset and a new attitude. A New Year’s resolution is a goal (or many) that people set at the start of a new year to try and hold themselves accountable for various aspects of life. This can include things like health, professional success, social success, home improvement, etc.

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Why are New Year's Resolutions Frowned Upon?

A lot of the time when people make their resolutions for the new year, they go above and beyond — ready to do a 180 on their lifestyle. However, changing everything about your life and the way you live it in one day is not realistic, and you could be setting yourself up to fail. Rather than setting a goal so high it takes your breath away, try giving yourself smaller, unique new year’s resolutions that you can meet and exceed in a realistic time frame.

Unique New Year's Resolutions

If you need New Year’s resolution ideas and don’t know where to begin, we have a few you can steal (we won’t tell).

Self Improvement

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and stick to the routine you’ve fallen into. For 2022, we challenge you to try new things. Even if it’s once a month, step out of your comfort zone and push yourself. You could learn a new skill like picking up an instrument or a new home improvement project - YouTube is your friend here. Try a new cuisine you’ve never had before — with the multitude of food delivery services this resolution is easier than ever! Have any passion projects? We know you’ve been watching those soap making videos on TikTok. Now is the time to stop watching other people try things and pick up a new hobby for yourself!

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Finish What You Started

If you don’t feel like trying new things this year, at least try to finish projects that you’ve already started. How about that home improvement project that you started and didn’t feel like reading the instructions so you never finished putting it together? Did you start cleaning out your closet and only got halfway through before throwing in the towel? Are you in the middle of 3 different books? Us too. Let’s finish them all this year before starting a new one.

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Health & Fitness

Let’s be realistic here, you’re going to stick to that strict, fad diet for a week and then go back to eating what you want, and that’s okay! Being healthy doesn’t have to mean going on a diet, it can just mean taking better care of yourself in 2022. That can mean a variety of things — listen to your own body and what it needs to function at its best. Has your back been bothering you, or have your feet been aching? It might be time for a new pair of shoes (or a better pair of shoes). Clove is all about supporting you and your feet from the bottom up. Yes, Clove shoes for women and shoes for men were designed for nurses and healthcare workers, but anyone who enjoys stylish, extremely comfortable, slip-resistant, cleanable shoes can wear Cloves. Don’t think a pair of shoes can help you care for your body? Think again! See what our customers experience after taking the next step in caring for their bodies with Clove shoes:

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