Give Gifts with a Purpose

Finding the perfect gift with a purpose can be a challenge, whether it's for the holidays, an anniversary, or a birthday. Our loved ones deserve the world, but the shipping costs on that would be outrageous! Here are some gifts with a purpose ideal for nurses and nursing students, doctors, surgeons, anyone in the healthcare field, and anyone that spends an extended amount of time on their feet.

Snag Them Some Exclusive Kicks

If you're searching for a gift that will truly impress and leave them wondering how you managed to find such a gem, look no further. Join the Clove Insider Community to stay in the loop about our latest colorway launches. Surprise your healthcare professional loved one with a limited edition of Clove shoes and win ‘Best Gift Giver’. Gifting any pair of Clove shoes for women or men would be considered gift giving with a purpose, but gifting a limited edition colorway really goes the extra mile - especially when healthcare professionals have intense schedules and may not be able to purchase their desired color on launch day.

Clove Grey Matter Nursing Shoes

School Rules

Yes, school is awesome, but there are rules that have to be followed no matter your age or major. Most nursing school dress codes still mandate that students wear all white nursing school shoes. Every institution varies, but most nursing schools hold up this long-standing tradition. Nursing students have enough stress, and trying to find an all white nursing school shoe should not be one of them. Consider gifting them a pair of Clove Brilliant White shoes, ensuring they have the ultimate gift with a purpose as they pursue their lifesaving career.

Brilliant white nursing shoes

Look Beyond the Gift Itself...

There are more things to consider when choosing gifts with a purpose other than the actual gift itself. At Clove, we do everything we can to minimize what we leave behind - that includes our packaging. When gifting a pair of Clove shoes for nurses, you don’t need to worry about finding a box or decorative bag and fancy wrapping paper. All Clove shoes are shipped in their actual shoe boxes, so once they get over the initial excitement of their new kicks, all they have to do is put the box in their closet. It's a win-win situation: minimal waste, maximum satisfaction, and comfort.

So, when it comes to giving meaningful gifts with a purpose, think beyond the ordinary. With Clove shoes, you can surprise your family members and loved ones with unique gifts that not only look great but also make a positive impact.