Holiday Gift Guide for Healthcare Professionals

Holiday time is closing in, and we really need to start getting our gifting geared up! But, what do you get frontline workers? Gifts for healthcare workers are extremely important, because they help them keep going and feeling appreciated. Here are some gift ideas for healthcare workers and nursing students that will put a smile on their face.

But First, Coffee!

Who doesn’t love coffee? Well, other than the great divide of people who drink tea (no hate here!). But for those that have to work 12 hour shifts - sometimes overnight - coffee is a complete essential. Gifting a coffee gift set or sending a few packs of La Colombe Draft Lattes to your beloved healthcare worker is an out-of-the-box way to say thank you, while also helping them on the job.

La Colombe Coffee (source: - Holiday Gift Guide for Healthcare Professionals

Eco-Friendly Lunches

Well, now they have coffee, but what about their lunch? Packing lunches with ziploc bags is definitely easy and convenient, but also super wasteful. Gift them a better option to pack their lunch with Stasher reusable silicone bags. They work just like ziploc bags, but rather than using them once and throwing them out, you can reuse them! Everyone loves an easy and simple way to swap out waste for reuse.

Backpacks are Back

Healthcare providers must know how important it is to have a well balanced bag when carrying all of your items. Rather than weighing down one side with an overloaded tote, opt for a neoprene backpack that can fit all of their shift necessities while being cute, stylish, functional, and easily cleaned.

Dagne Dover Large Dakota Neoprene Backpack in Heather Grey (source: - Holiday Gift Guide for Healthcare Professionals

Off-Duty Styles

Just because they are frontline workers, doesn’t mean they don’t live lives outside of the hospital or office! Don’t be afraid to gift some loungewear for when they are relaxing on off-days, because everyone needs to get cozy sometimes. Some other gifts for healthcare workers can help them stay warm during their commute, or cozy up their home on a cold winter evening.

Gotta Stay Hydrated!

Staying hydrated is important for everyone, not just healthcare workers. With so many things to do, so many patients to see, and so little time, it can be difficult for them to prioritize the little things. Gifting an Owala Water Bottle tells your healthcare professional you care about them staying hydrated. With triple insulation, their water will never get lukewarm during a shift. Plus, no disposable straws allow for free-sipping (it’s also safer for the turtles).

Owala Water Bottles (source: - Holiday Gift Guide for Healthcare Professionals

Skincare for Self-Care

Healthcare providers need to participate in self-care activities just as much (if not more) than we do. Let’s help support that, and gift our healthcare workers a full skincare and body care routine so they can take care of themselves just as well as they take care of their patients (actually better, since the hospital doesn’t have luxurious Ursa Major products!).

Apply a Little Pressure

Whether they are standing around for hours on end or traveling for a well-deserved vacation, Clove compression socks are truly a healthcare worker’s essential. You may wonder what compression socks do and how they work, but anyone who stands for an extended period of time can tell you that they are a lifesaver!

Clove Sunny Shift Compression Socks - Holiday Gift Guide for Healthcare Professionals

Outfits for the Everyday

Whether you pick an outfit or give a gift card, gifting Madewell to your beloved frontline workers gives them high-quality clothing to wear when they are off-duty, traveling, or enjoying a night out with friends and family. They don’t live their entire lives in scrubs, so let’s gift them some staple pieces that will never go out of style.

Never Enough Pens

We all know a pen snatcher, and we do our best to protect our most beloved writing utensils against them. Unfortunately, sometimes they fall victim. Healthcare providers constantly need pens on hand and ready to go. Adding a Clove Pen Pack to any gift is a welcome addition, and will be greatly appreciated by all.

Clove Pen Pack - Holiday Gift Guide for Healthcare Professionals

Protection from the Rays

Healthcare professionals know how essential protection from the sun’s rays is. However, damage to the skin doesn’t occur just from the sun. Our skin is extremely sensitive, and can even be damaged by the blue rays emitted from computer and phone screens we use regularly. Help protect the people that protect you by gifting Kinfield - it will protect their skin from the sun, bugs, and more.

However you decide to surprise your healthcare working friends, family members, or colleagues, don’t forget to do it with purpose. Our gift ideas for healthcare workers are here to help you pick the perfect item for that special someone.